Students review coursework outside at a student lounge area.

Campus Life

Clubs and activities are an important part of your education at Delaware Tech.  Studies have shown that involved students are more successful students.  Being a part of a club or athletic team develops qualities integral to success in the workplace. Your involvement strengthens your ability to work as a team player, develops your decision-making skills, and promotes project planning and implementation skills.

Delaware Tech offers a wide variety of clubs, athletic programs, and learning experiences outside the classroom connecting you to students with common interests and enhancing your education.  Participating in campus life provides you with a more well-rounded educational experience – and it’s fun.

Upcoming Events

Campus Icons: Diamond - Collegewide, D - Dover, G - Georgetown, S - Stanton, W - Wilmington

Campus-Specific Campus Life Information
Contact Dover:

Theresa Wilson
(302) 857-1032

Contact Georgetown

Jose Miller
(302) 259-6045

Contact Stanton

Mike McCloskey
(302) 454-3950

Contact Wilmington

Cara Stanard
(302) 552-5953